2018 Book Trends – Ebooks, Paperbacks and Hardcover options

Indie Authors will continue to grow e-book share

Traditional publishers are pricing their e-books above market and will focus on print and audio sales in 2018. They will also continue to focus on their go-to franchises and signing authors who have a built-in audience (celebrities, politicians, successful indies). Indies publishers, will continue to improve the quality of their books. They’ll will make their e-books affordable and target niche markets. Because of low overhead, blockbuster publishers cannot decrease their pricing. They need to mass market and using traditional platforms. Bestselling romance author, Rachel Van Dyken says, “2018 is bound to be a year for books and a year for readers! Trends come and go but one thing I see coming back in a huge way is sci-fi and fantasy romance. Contemporary will always do well but I think readers are starting to get overwhelmed with the same old rom com with the similar fonts, colors, and titles. I say bring on the other genres—a great palette cleanser for 2018.” As authors like Rachel continue to stay ahead of the curve by innovating on content and design, and become ever more sophisticated at book publishing, readers will continue to shift e-book market share to indies.


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