Discovering The Purpose in a Crisis

Joyce Franklin-Smith, is a mom, grandmother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and President of Helping Hand Asset Relief Program. A non-profit organization that assists surviving families, with Funeral and Burial Expenses in the event the deceased was uninsured.
Ms. Franklin-Smith would like for people to understand in life, we will encounter difficult moments, unpleasant situations and people. However, it is important to “Embrace Life” in the good and bad times and to know “The Sun Will Shine Again”.
Her proudest accomplishment is becoming the first sibling of four to graduate from college and earn a Bachelor’s
Degree! Breaking a generational cycle! She has learned in life people need to continually improve how they think and change old mindsets to grow in Christ. In this, it will reflect positive changes within ourselves and in the communities, we live. Ms. Joyce Franklin-Smith, resides in Memphis, Tennessee. Rarely has free time and when she does, she enjoys playing golf, reading, writing, and spending time with family.

Joyce Franklin-Smith – Author


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