Pastor’s Time: A Theological Perspective on Overcoming Trials and How to Spiritually Discern Deception

In this Powerful and Anointing book, Pastor’s Time- Turning Your Trials Into Victory, as an anointing & ordained Pastor of Theology, the Powerful Spirit of God has given me knowledge, Wisdom, “Discernment,” & understanding. God’s Holy Spirit has revealed to me that many believers have been severely & mentally traumatized and displaced by the deceptive & manipulative Narcissistic spiritual Warfare and abusive dysfunctional control of those who sometimes have positions of authority, whether it’s in the church, in your home, on your job, in business, inside the government, in the Military. In your relationships, separating, or divorcing, or in everyday society. Leaving the victims in a “Paralyzed Homeless spirit,” and “Post Traumatic Pain.” That Post Traumatic, Paralyzed Homeless & Traumatic pain, is sometimes carried into the “Church,” carried into adulthood, into relationships, and sometimes never recovering. This book is an anointing & Powerful Spiritual Tool that will equip the believer and those that may have been victimized by Narcissistic spiritual warfare, to believe that God CAN and WILL empower you with his Holy Spirit to chose faith over fear, by activating their “Right Now Faith,” by asking God to empower you with his powerful “discernment” to be able to identify different types of Trials in the forms of Narcissism, deception and False teaching. Through prayer, strong Faith, forgiveness, Love & the teachings & Studies of this Powerful and Anointing book, God will Turn Your Trials Into a Mighty Victory. Kelly understood that each trial that he encountered was a test of his faith.

Dr. Paul Kelly T.H.D



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