Therapeutic Dimensions of Black Preaching: The liberating impact on a people of Color

This book presents Liberative Black Preaching (Lbp) as an optimal homiletic model designed to function as a therapeutic intervention for African descent persons in the Black church context. Built upon the foundation of a Black theological anthropology, this exposition addresses Black self-identity that is informed by a Universal African Worldview (Uaw). The book argues that there is a recognizable diversity of contextuality among White and non-White persons and that it is possible to qualitatively describe generalizable contours of experience among Black people in the United States based on the particularity of the culture and the Black encounter with racism/White supremacy. The thoughts and feelings that emerge from this cultural encounter are appropriate for Africentric theological reflection. Historical evidence of the unfolding of Black thought with reference to Black religiosity and spirituality is presented as a preamble to the construction of the Liberative Black Preaching model.

Dr. F.Keith Slaughter


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